Friday March 24 7:00PM 2023 SFU Woodwards

A live public access television segment dipping its toes in the everyday hellscapes to find out what vital survival can look like amidst continuous collapse.

HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WILD embraces the cartoonish mess of human life. A rejection of both dystopian defeatism and utopian idealism, this show is a practice in scenography using arts and crafts materials, and a metaphysical exploration of looney toon symbology: bringing the wonky world of the mind into lo-fi fruition. HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WILD investigates the public sphere through acts of intimacy and care that might occur on the street corner, at the karaoke bar, or inside the collective imaginary. This show troubles assumptions of morality, addressing the fact that we collectively build the world we are in, strange and ugly as it may sometimes be.

Lead artist: Marita
Performers: Zoe Braithwaite, Avery Chapman, Clare Noble, Aisha Wewala, Liam Wilkins
Live band: Justin Andres, Zac Daniels
Production coordinator: Albina Dyusenova
Technical operator: Zuzanna Liniewski